Finally no longer get those random calls on your personal line in the middle of the night… simply add a 2nd phone line! As a small business owner you need a separate business number to maintain your privacy that doesn’t break the bank. We identified a few great apps that allow you to attach a second (or third and fourth) phone number to your existing phone line while maintaining your privacy. In this post, we will walk you through our top 5 apps that provide this service as well as their estimated costs.

Google Voice

Google Voice is an option to anyone with a google account. You can send calls to your mobile line but can also have them routed to your home, office, etc. This service allows you for inbound and outgoing calls, sending and receiving texts, a do not disturb option, and custom voicemail. Cost: Free


Hushed has a wide array of plans to fit both short term and permanent needs. All plans allow you to communicate freely with anyone else using Hushed and give you a disposable phone number, custom voicemail, call forwarding, and the ability to top up anytime. Cost: 7 Day $1.99 – 60 SMS/MMS and 20 Voice Minutes 30 Day $3.99 – 150 SMS/MMS and 50 Voice Minutes 90 Day $9.99 – 250 SMS/MMS and 100 Voice Minutes Unlimited $4.99 – Unlimited SMS/MMS and Voice Minutes every 30 days


Burner has credit options which begin at 20 voice minutes and 60 SMS but these credits are pretty difficult to understand and are not extremely useful unless you only need the number for an extremely short period. They do however have subscription options now available that offer plans that fall in line with others in the industry with unlimited calls and text, custom voicemail, rerouting options, and auto replies for texts. Cost: $4.99 per month for 1 line $14.99 per month for 3 lines


Sideline gives you your choice of area code, a custom voicemail, unlimited texting with an auto text reply option and has the added convenience of using your existing phone plan’s minutes, whether unlimited or not, making it less confusing than some of the others and very easy to manage. Cost: $9.99 per month


Flyp seems to be the best choice for ultimate entrepreneur. This plan allows you have up to 4 lines and pay either by month or by year. All lines have your choice of area code, custom voicemail, unlimited calling and texting, and are streamlined in an app to keep them all organized on your phone together yet separate. Cost: Per Line: $7.99 per month $79.99 per year


All of the apps outlined above have one thing in common; they aim to give you options when it comes to managing cost effective phone lines for your company. Now it is just up to you to decide what best suits the needs of your company and dive in!

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