What makes a good design for a business card?

There are so many ways to use a business card to appeal to your customer and get them to hang on to it. That way they remember your business and your product or service. Here are just a few ideas of how to use business cards to get you started.

Loyalty cards: Customers love free stuff. And giving them a card that lets them earn free stuff is a great way to keep them coming back. Loyalty cards get repeat customers who become committed to your brand. 

How it helps your business: Because customers like seeing their stamps add up, you add extra incentive for them to go to your business over a competitor. 

Design tips:

  • Make sure to put your logo clearly on one side and room for stamps on the other. 
  • Choose a light color for your card so the stamps show up.
  • Select a matte finish so the stamps will stay in place.

Referral cards: Get customers sharing cards to pass on word about your business. Offer a discount or reward for both the person referring and the new customer. 

How it helps your business: Referral cards get the word out about your business in your community, boosting brand awareness. 

Design Tips:

  • Put a space for the referred by and referred to so both can get credit.
  • Use the card like a mini flyer with a bulleted list of your services or products.
  • Make sure to add a line of copy that tells the customer of their special offer for referring a friend such as “Give this card to a friend and they’ll get $5 off. You receive a $5 credit for your next visit.”

Discount Code Coupons: Offer special deals to your customers through easy to pass out business cards. Have the coupon be part of your card.

How it helps your business: Coupon cards encourage more foot traffic to redeem those coupons, getting more customers in your store or place of business.

Design tips:

  • Put your logo clearly visible so your customer knows where to redeem the coupon.
  • Clearly print the offer so that there is no confusion such as “10% off your first visit.”

Appointment reminder cards: Remind customers of an appointment with your company using a branded card. 

How it helps your business: It’s a handy way to use a card that reminds the customer of their appointment as well as your business.

Design tips:

  • Leave a space to write down the appointment time, what service is booked, and who the service is with.
  • Put the address and contact information clearly on the card so that they can call if they are running late.

There are so many ways to use business cards beyond just advertising your business. Another idea is to use the card as collectible art with multiple designs for customers to collect and redeem for a special offer. You could add measurements or guidelines to your card to turn it into a handy tool. The possibilities are endless.

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